WAW-2000E 2000kN Rebar Universal Testing Machine


WAW-2000E 2000kN Rebar Universal Testing Machine

(300kN, 600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN, 0.5 Class)

1. Applications:

WAW-2000E 2000kN Rebar Computerized Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine is newly designed for tensile and bending test of deformed and plain carbon-steel bars. It adopts four column and two screws structure, high stiffness. It uses high accuracy load cell to measure testing force, encoder to measure displacement of work bench, electric extensometer to measure extension. Close loop control software can auto get test tensile strength Rm, yield strength ReH/ ReL, max. testing force Fm, non-proportional extension Rp0.2, elongation rate A%, extension at max. testing force Agt, modulus of elasticity E, etc testing results. In testing standard, it conforms to international standards, like ASTM A615, BS 4449, ISO6892, ASTM E8, ISO15579-2000, ISO679, ISO7438-1985, JIS Z2241 and other international specifications.

2.Main technical parameters

Parameter    Model WAW-300E WAW-600E WAW-1000E WAW-2000E
Max. testing force (kN) 300 600 1000 2000
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading value
Round specimen diameter range (mm) ?10-?32 ?10-?40 ?8-?40 ?15-?50
Flat specimen thickness range (mm) 0-25 0-30 0-40 10-70
Flat specimen width range (mm) 75 90 100 120
Tensile space (mm) 600 740 800 800
Compression space (mm) 530 650 670 700
Clearance between columns (mm) 465 485 515 700
Upper and lower compress plates size (mm) ?120 ?160 204×204 200×200
Distance of bending by pass roll (mm) 30-400 30-430 30-380 50-450
Max. piston stroke (mm) 200 200 250 250
Power supply 380V±10%, 50Hz, three phase
Work environment 10-40?, Relative humidity?80%
Dimension of host machine (mm) 740×620×2058 790×690×2330 880×760×2660 1200×1100×3500
Dimension of control cabinet (mm) 1150×870×900
Weight (kg) 1800 2500 3500 9500